2-Phenoxyethanol derivatization in ink dating determination.so that you can compare maximum quality between PE.

2-Phenoxyethanol derivatization in ink dating determination.so that you can compare maximum quality between PE.


2-Phenoxyethanol (PE) are a volatile substance found in the constitution of inks. Following the deposition in a document, they begins to dissipate after a while. This aging processes probably allow to approximate the big date of an ink in a document [ 1 Ezcurra M. Analytical methods plenty of fish for dating contemporary composing device inks in writing . Forensic Sci Int. 2010 ;197: 1 – 20 . [Crossref], [PubMed], [Web of research ®] , [Google Scholar] ], this really is a complicated program where the PE derivatization with various derivatization representatives and methods can contribute to enhance ink internet dating validation [ 2 Lociciro S , Dujourdy L , Mazzella W , et al. Dynamic of the ageing of ballpoint pen inks: measurement of phenoxyethanol by GC-MS . Sci Fairness. 2004 ;44(3): 165 – 171 . [Crossref], [PubMed], [Web of Technology ®] , [Google Scholar] ]. The aim of this efforts are to find out if PE derivatization with MSTFA:TMCS, increases the sensitivity of this process causing the estimation from the ink get older for a longer period of time.

Ingredients and strategies

Being evaluate highest solution between PE and derivatized PE, a remedy of 50 µg/ml of PE was actually prepared in hexane. The derivatized sample was actually ready utilizing chemical derivatization with MSTFA:TMCS (95:5) at a 80?C during 30 minute. The trials comprise analysed using GC/MS with an Agilent technology 5973 ? 6890 N. GC MEGA-5 MS; 0.25µm, 0.32mm, 30 m capillary line was utilized. Chromatographic comparison got performed within the following circumstances: shot quantity 2 µl, separate proportion of 2:1 and shot temperatures at 280 ?C. The oven temperature regimen starting at 90 ?C during 8 min, next ramped at 10 ?C min ?1 to 100 ?C, and risen up to 240 ?C for a price of 30 ?C minute ?1 during 4.67 minute. The MS comparison was actually practiced in SIM means, which m/z of PE got 77, 94, 138 and PE-TMS is 151, 195, 210.


The chromatogram results (Figure 1) indicated that PE-TMS keeps a lengthier maintenance time (23.2 min) and a significantly better resolution than PE (storage time of 13.2 min). Conversation and conclusions: This preliminary study demonstrated a growth in the awareness from the PE-TMS. Our outcomes announced that PE derivatization with MSTFA:TMCS, might be useful in ink online dating dedication might play a role in the lowering of LOQ. But extra jobs needs to be done. Finally, derivatization proves to be encouraging in the area of ink aging, permitting obtaining sensitivity to calculate the age of an ink, in a long period.

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